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More conveniently! More perfectly!
The Effort of INNOVATION & EMPATHY toward the Best never Stops.

The food industry which rises and falls depending on people’s taste is so diverse that it is slow to develop as much as it is difficult to mechanize or industrialized.

Out of the food industry. pork cutlet and pork cutlet machines!
After all, though the market is really small, somebody has to do something for progress of the business.
I am just thankful for the opportunity given to me, even though it is a small part of the business.

7 years of experience for the machine and over 11 years of experience for pork cutlet!
Two years have already passed since I started the business for development and supply of pork cutlet machines on the basis of the two-time business experience, after seriously thinking of
“What can I compete with best?”

the zeal and effort toward more convenient and perfect pork cutlet machine will never stop in the future Nothing is more precious than finding that somebody builds an enterprise and makes more with the pork cutlet machine I made.

Thank you.

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