Automatic Molding Machine

Automatic Molding Machine

This is a high-volume output automatic molding machine that automated whole Tteok galbi production processes

ranging from precise apportionment, through individual packaging, to molding.


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♦  Features of Automatic Molding Machine


  • The production process consists of three processes: i) precise apportionment of the meat to be fed into the machine; ii) hygienic individual packaging of the precisely apportioned Tteok galbi; iii) formation of packaged Tteok galbi into desired shapes.


  • This machine adopted cylinder extrusion method, instead of screw extrusion method used previously.


  • When screw method was used, the screw caused pulverization of raw meat during extrusion, resulting in bad mouthfeel. The improved cylinder extrusion method allows the pressure to be
    uniformly applied without affecting the texture of meat adversely. So, Tteok galbi with even better quality can be made.


  • This machine has all the advantages of our conveyor type molding machine and specializes in mass production


  • As the roll type packaging vinyl can be fed into as it is, this machine can simplify production process and reduce costs.


  • The easily detachable Tteok galbi discharge unit and the molding unit are easy to clean.




제원 및 가격

Dimension 353cm(L) X 76cm(W) X 175cm(H)
Compressor 10KW or higher recommended
Pressing Force 10~200kg
Weight 500kg
Power Supply 220V/500W
Productivity Up to 3000 times x 2/hour
Price(Mold Optional) KRW 3.8 million (excluding the VAT)