Basic Type Meat Expander

Basic Type Met Expander 2018

This is the basic machine in pork cutlet production process.


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♦  Features of Basic Type Meat Expander 2018


  • This machine spreads out the meats thinly for pork cutlet. As this machine evenly applies pressure and uses the volume of pressure plate, greater efficiency is achieved than when the meat is spread out with a hammer.


  • Even higher quality of product can be assured with minimal labor as this machine can flatten and tenderize the meat which was previously performed with a hammer manually.


  • The patented thickness control device(Utility Model Registration No. 20-0473007) allows you to produce various types ranging from thin and large pork cutlets to thick Japanese pork cutlets.


  • Fitted with a double thickness control device using the digital timer on conventional mechanical thickness control unit, it provides high precision in thickness control without error and greater resistance to moisture.
  • It removed unnecessary parts, such as sensor and high-pressure hose, allowing the producers to make better use of available space.








Specification & Price 

Dimension 45cm(L) X 64cm(W) X 129cm(H)
Dimension of Press Plate 30cm(L) X 25cm(W)
Pressing Force 4,000kg
Weight 105kg
Power Supply 220V/760W
Productivity 200~400 times/hour
Safety Sensor Built-In
Thickness Control Device Built-In (Utility Model no. 20-0473007)
Double Embossing Built-In
Price KRW 3.6 million (excluding the VAT)