Column Molding Machine

Column Molding Machine

This is a Column Molding Machine that forms raw meat into certain shapes

in the frame, ensuring that meats are chopped into uniform size and weight.




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♦  Features of Column Molding Machine 


  • As the meats have different shapes, uniformity of size and weight cannot be achieved even if the raw meats are simply cut to same thickness.


  • To ensure same size and weight, the chopped raw meat should be as thick as the pre-chopped raw meat.


  • This machine has a simple function of forming the raw meat into column shape before the meats are cut, but ensures uniform results that contribute to product standardization and reduces the discarded by-products drastically, thus providing cost-saving effect.


  • With its compact, lightweight and energy-saving design, it is easy to install and transport and takes up small space. Download









Specification & Price


Dimension 67cm(L) X 138cm(W) X 168cm(H)
Weight About 350kg
Power Supply 3-phase 380V/4KW
Processing Speed About 3 times/minute
Precision ±2% or less
Price KRW 18.6 million (excluding the VAT)