Conveyor 400 Coating Machine

Conveyor 400 Coating Machine

This is a high-volume output, general-purpose, and highest quality coating machine that can produce chicken cutlets,

fish cutlets and even croquettes, as well as pork cutlets.


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♦ Features of Conveyor 400 Coating Machine

  • It is a high-volume output coating machine with a production capacity of over 500kg per hour. It guarantees production of at least 2,500 patties of 200g large cutlet.
  • Previously, screw system was used for transporting the breadcrumbs, which resulted in pulverization of breadcrumbs. This machine resolved such a problem.
  • Press plate and elastic silicon pad were used, instead of roller, for the process of coating the meats with breadcrumbs. The specially designed press plates and elastic silicon pad that are interlocked with conveyor enable uniform and meticulous pressurization of all breadcrumbs passing them.
  • Existing machines showed the problem that breadcrumbs were pressed excessively due to their nature when hard materials, such as metal or plastic, were used to apply pressure. By contrast, this machine adopted silicone pad absorbing the pressure easily and can make large quantities of products with even better quality than those made manually while keeping their original shapes intact.


Specification & Price

Control System Inverter control
Transfer Speed 0~25cm/sec
Power Consumption 3-phase 380V, 1.8kw/h
Dimension 395cm(L) X 150cm(W) X 150cm(H)
Weight About 650kg
Price KRW 43 million (excluding the VAT)