Patty Maker-Kkukuki is a machine that can easily produce highest quality Tteok-galbi and
hamburger steak with the labor of one person.


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♦ Features of Kkukuki


  • Previously, Tteok-galbi or hamburger steak had to be made manually in the same way as dumplings. As the meat has to be kneaded and pounded one by one manually, the productivity fell sharply and uniform results could not be obtained. All patties were formed into different shapes and thickness, so they did not have uniform taste when they were cooked.


  • The ergonomically designed Kkukuki allows you to form the meat into patties much faster by yourself on the spot, making it unnecessary for the meat to be pounded and kneaded by several persons. Measuring only 22cm in width, Kkukuki takes up less space.


  • As the foot delivers force 5 times greater than that of the hand, Kkukuki allows you to apply strong pressure more easily and does not put a strain on the body than when the hands are used to make patties.


  • When the meat is pressed one after another with the hand, the pressure will not be applied evenly and good quality cannot be guaranteed.


  • The delicate mold, applying the precision technology, enables instant creation of products with uniform quality.


  • The shape of the mold can be customized, so you can make your own Tteok-galbi and hamburger steak differentiated from others.






Specification & Price 

Dimension 22cm(L) X 50cm(W) X 23~41cm(H)
      Weight About 7.6kg
Price KRW 450,000 (excluding the VAT)