Tteokgalbi Maker

Tteokgalbi Maker

Automatic processor producing up to 1,900 units per hours.

This Tteokgalbi maker divides chopped meat in uniform.
The equipment features productivity up to 1,900 units per hour, with a maximum process time of 2 seconds per unit.
With an original pump design, the processed meat experiences minimum deformation, and by a simple change of mold,

the equipment delivers Tteokalbi at a uniform weight in precision.
The equipment is capable of processing small sized products such as meat balls by a simple change of mold,

which offers a broad profile of application.
With the small footprint, enabled by an energy saving design, the equipment features a simple,

yet precise mechanical structure for the convenience of user.
The exceptional durability allows the user to reduce human intervention.
Amid the development of IT technology, the food industry is witnessing unprecedented.




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Specification & Price

Control System Inverter Control
Dimensions 86cm(L) x 66cm(W) x 142cm(H)
Weight Approx. 90kg
Power Supply Single Phase 220V | 500w/h
Productivity Max. 1,900 units / hour
Price KRW 9.0 million (excluding the VAT)