Turntable R-Type Coating Machine

Turntable R-Type Coating Machine

This coating machine saves space and automated only breading process,

increasing pork cutlet productivity and price competitiveness.


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♦  턴테이블 R형 코팅기 특징


  • This machine automated the demanding and time-consuming process of covering the meat with breadcrumb in the pork cutlet production process.


  • Operators have only to place the meat covered with raw egg on the turntable. Then, the meat will be covered with breadcrumb while the turntable is revolving and pork cutlet will be finished.


  • It was designed to enable efficient use of the space with the round turntable.


  • This machine adopted curtain wall to transfer breadcrumbs, minimizing the pulverization. Moreover, this machine allows the chilled meats to be used and eliminated the problem of breadcrumb accumulation.


  • Press plate and elastic silicon allow the pressure to be applied evenly and thoroughly on the meats to be covered with breadcrumbs. So, products with far higher quality can be made while keeping their original shapes intact, compared to products made manually.







Specification & Price 

Control System Consecutive control of air pressure and rotating motor
Transfer Speed 15cm/sec
Power Consumption Single-phase220V, 650w/h
Dimension 141cm(L) X 126cm(W) X 129cm(H)
Weight About 300kg
Price KRW 18 million (excluding the VAT)